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Making presentations can be intimidating. All eyes are upon you, the pressure is on and you must perform to the best of your ability. You need to portray an air of confidence. You need to make an impact. You need to leave a lasting, positive impression with your audience. Here are some tips that will help you make dynamic presentations:

1. Wear your best suit
It is important to look credible, smart and professional. If you feel good about the way you look, you will feel more confident in general.

2. Rehearse out loud (with slides) until you feel comfortable
Practising your presentation in your head or in your room is very different from the actual delivery when the adrenaline kicks in. It is important that you have experienced the environment in which you are to present and completed a full dress rehearsal so you know what to expect. Try to gain feedback from colleagues during your rehearsal on your delivery.

3. Wait for silence
Before you begin otherwise you will lose impact and credibility.

4. Hold the neutral position for at least 3 seconds and smile at your audience
This will allow you to compose yourself and shows that you are in control and in no rush to dash through your presentation.

5. Use an impactful opening
Eg. anecdote, current affairs, statistic, question etc. which will capture your audiences attention and set the scene for an interesting presentation.

6. Maintain eye contact with your audience at all times and distribute it evenly throughout the audience
It shows self confidence and makes the audience feel involved.

7. Use dramatic pauses
This will add impact and emphasis to key points.

8. Use expressive vocabulary
Use positive, descriptive and impactful words and phrases. Avoid words like maybe, perhaps, very, really, as they can weaken your message.

9. Make sure your visual aids are impactful
it will be useful during rehearsal if a colleague gives feedback on the impact, usefulness and size of your visual aids.

10. Have a glass of water next to your notes
In case of emergency, you can walk over, drink some water and look at your notes in a relaxed manner.

Tips For Dynamic Presentation


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