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Facilitation requires process, presence and the ability to gain the audience’s perspective. This requires specific skills. This program is designed to provide the skills necessary to effectively facilitate outcomes.





After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Define facilitation.
  • Explain the facilitator’s role in depth.
  • Prepare effectively for the session
  • Create a constructive environment.
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary for effective facilitation.
  • Gain interaction and participation from the group.
  • Use facilitation tools to expedite results.
  • Assess the viability of ideas and support for them.
  • Facilitate efficient decision making.
  • Manage group dynamics.
  • Deal with challenging participants effectively.
  • Apply their learning easily.

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    Workshop overview:

    • What is facilitation?
      • Discover the difference between facilitating and chairing a meeting.
      • Explore the facilitators role in depth
      • Outline the 4 steps of process facilitation
    • Preparation
      • Explore the 5 P’s of preparation: purpose, products, participants, probable issues, process
    • Creating a constructive environment
      • Identify the key factors in setting the scene, clarifying expectations and boundaries and ensuring action.
    • Exploring essential facilitation skills
      • Learn the skills necessary for effective facilitation.
      • Setting a clear objective
      • Asking the right questions
      • Building trust
      • Maintaining neutrality
      • Managing input
      • Engaging participants
    • Using the tools of the trade
      • Investigate a number of facilitation tools to gain interaction, assess viability of ideas and support decision making.
    • Dealing with difficult situations
      • Explore how to manage group dynamics, handle conflict and deal with challenging participants.
      • Working with large groups
    • Practical application
      • The course will provide numerous opportunities for participants to practice various aspects of facilitation.

    All attendees will receive a personalised certificate of achievement

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