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Managing Meetings Perth

Managing meetings – learn how to make meetings more productive

How many meetings have you been to that have been run poorly? Meetings often run over time, go round in circles, have no clear outcomes or actions. How often have you been frustrated by this lack of organisation, poor chairmanship or lack of focus and follow through? This workshop aims to provide guidance for organising and running effective meetings in order to alleviate these common problems.


After this program you will be able to:

  • Name the 7 deadly sins of meetings and know how to avoid them.
  • Define and demonstrate the key roles and responsibilities within meetings.
  • Define the tasks involved in organising a meeting.
  • Identify agenda items and structure the agenda appropriately.
  • Ensure agenda items are actioned and followed up.
  • Take effective minutes.
  • Keep people on track and to time.
  • Facilitate effective discussion and curtail unproductive talk.
  • Deal with latecomers and other potentially challenging situations.

Workshop overview:

Organising the meeting

  • Learn the 7 deadly sins of meetings.
  • Define the tasks involved in organising a meeting.
  • Highlight common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Learn how to identify agenda items for the meeting.
  • Outline the recommended structure for an agenda.

Exploring roles and responsibilities

  • Identify the key roles within meetings and their responsibilities.
  • Examine the pitfalls they can face.

Running the meeting

  • Learn techniques to ensure items are actioned and followed up.
  • Take effective minutes.
  • Employ techniques to keep people to time.
  • Facilitate useful and productive discussion.
  • Discover strategies for dealing with difficult and disruptive behaviour.

All attendees will receive a personalised certificate of achievement

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