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Managing teams in the workplace. Learn strategies for getting results through others

How do we create effective teams that work in synergy as opposed to a group of people all pulling in different directions? True teamwork requires certain elements to work and can yield tremendous results for all concerned. This workshop is designed for managers who want to help their people become high performing teams.


After this program you will be able to:

  • Explain the 4 stages of team development.
  • Put in place practical strategies to expedite your team’s progress through each stage to attain a high performing team.
  • Outline Belbin’s team roles and functions.
  • Identify your own team role preferences and those of your team members.
  • Harness team strengths more easily.
  • Name the 4 elements of high performing teams.
  • Put in place strategies to fill any gaps if any of the 4 elements are missing.
  • Avoid 10 common mistakes that destroy teamwork.

Workshop overview:

The stages of team development

  • Explore the 4 stages of team development and discover how to expedite progress to the most productive stage.

Exploring team roles

  • Become conversant with the different roles people adopt in teams and the implications of this.
  • Learn how to play to team member’s strengths

The essential elements of effective teams

  • Discover the 4 elements that make teams tick
  • Ensure all 4 elements are present in your team
  • Explore what to do if they are not

Fostering teamwork

  • Identify the 10 deadly sins that lead to demotivated and disconnected teams and how to avoid them

All attendees will receive a personalised certificate of achievement

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