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LOVE our training or it's FREE
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Art Of Effective Delegation

Learn the art of effective delegation

Many managers find the act of delegating difficult for numerous reasons but in itself, the act of delegation has infinite benefits to the manager, the delagee and the organisation as a whole. This workshop explores some of the key principles of delegation and practical tips on how to delegate effectively.


After this program you will be able to:

  • Get more tasks completed correctly and on time.
  • Identify the best candidate to delegate to.
  • Demonstrate the 4 key steps of effective delegation.
  • Explain the essential elements of effective delegation
  • Avoid delegation pitfalls.
  • Use the delegation template to enable speedy and successful delegation.
  • Encourage a culture of productivity and efficiency.

  Workshop overview:

What is effective delegation?

  • Why is delegation important for managers and their staff?
  • Discover the benefits of  getting delegation right.

Barriers to effective delegation

  • Explore the reasons many managers don’t get the results they would like.
  • Discover the pitfalls of poor delegation that produce distrust, resentment and poor outcomes of tasks.

Effective delegation

  • Learn the 3 key steps of effective delegation.
  • Analyse how to choose the right candidate.
  • Learn when delegation is appropriate.
  • Utilise a delegation planning template to ensure effective delegation.
  • Learn how to BOOST™ your staff by providing feedback on their performance.

  All attendees will receive a personalised certificate of achievement

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