Professional Development Training

Professional development training provides the tools and techniques to enhance performance in the workplace. JEM Training provide a wide range of professional development training that caters for all needs and requirements. Whether you or your staff need the skills to have a difficult conversation, improve their communication or manage conflict better, JEM Training can provide it. We can fulfil all your professional development training requirements because we:

  • consult with you about your objectives
  • specifically tailor programs to meet the exact needs of attendees
  • provide up-to-date practical training solutions
  • deliver excellent outcomes that improve attendees’ performance in the workplace.

Successful organisations experience success because of the people that work for them. If your people are highly skilled, motivated and knowledgeable, they are more likely to produce effective outcomes. This, in turn leads to greater success for the organisation.

So is professional development training worth the investment? Absolutely! Here are some client testimonials that demonstrate the benefits the attendees have attained.

“The level of interaction was excellent – a good balance between theory and practice. The practical role-plays were very beneficial in putting concepts into practice. I know I will be more effective going forward”

Conflict resolution – Rio Tinto

“This was such a fantastic course, I would actually attend again! It made everyone concerned about public speaking more comfortable. The course was very useful and I feel I have gained so much.

Train the Trainer – Director of Public Prosecution

“Great course to gain insight into different personalities and how they compliment or aggravate each other. I now have strategies to deal better with people who are different to me”

Managing personalities – Geraldton Universities Centre

“What an insight into how people function and communicate. Great strategies for helping us get the best out of our staff going forward.”

Emotional intelligence – Monadelphous

No matter what you’re looking for, JEM Training can fulfil your professional development needs. Take a look at our training programs and see which ones might suit you. Equip your staff members with the tools and strategies to help them shine. The greater their level of skill, the better able they will be to perform, making them efficient, effective and successful employees and help your organisation gain a competitive edge.

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