LOVE our training or it's FREE!
LOVE our training or it's FREE
Flexible in-house management training options that drive results!
As experienced training consultants we can unlock your manager's potential!
We offer flexible half day management training modules which focus on a specific area of management expertise.
We are so sure you will be pleased with our training we guarantee:

LOVE our training or it's FREE! 


testLife and work can be hard, challenging and draining. Our employee wellness program based on cutting edge research has proven there are certain strategies and skills that allow people to navigate the challenges of life more effectively, bounce back and flourish.


After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Become more solutions focused and optimistic.
  • Deal with challenges head on.
  • Choose a positive and empowering attitude
  • Gain greater mental awareness and control.
  • Appreciate those around you and instil a sense of value in the workplace.
  • Create positive energy that catalyzes action.
  • Fulfil your potential and use your strengths to deliver results.

Workshop overview:

Increasing Optimism and Resilience

  • Understand what optimism means and what kind of thinking habits optimistic people have learned.
  • Explore your explanatory style, and how it affects perspective and behaviour.
  • Gain practical tips for becoming more optimistic
  • Develop your personal resilience strategy.
  • Gain practical tips for building a positive and empowering attitude at work and home.
  • Learn how to reframe counterproductive emotions
  • Gain practical tips for building gratitude into your everyday life.

Increase Energy and use your Strengths

  • Understand the energy chart, and how to shift your thinking and energy levels
  • Use positive energy to stimulate creativity, innovation and action
  • Learn how to use and develop your strengths to realise your potential.
  • Learn how to spot strengths in others, identify what energises them and give positive feedback that motivates them to perform at their best.




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