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In order for training to be effective, we need to plan our approach. We need to think about fundamentals like who our audience is, the purpose of the training, best time and place to train as well as what material we need to include.

Who are your audience?

Think carefully about your target audience.  What type of people are they? What motivates and interests them? What will make them sit up and listen?  What questions or objections are they likely to have?  Consider also the amount of knowledge and expertise that your audience have on the subject.  This information will help you pitch the training appropriately.

Why is the training required?

This maybe because the training is mandatory but not always. It maybe because the person is new or keeps making mistakes, it maybe because a group wants to expand their skills set or knowledge. it’s also useful to ask yourself what the learners will be expected to do with the information.

How long do I have?

The amount of time available will determine how much material you can cover. It is better to cover less information and do it well, than trying to cram too much in and overload your learners, making it difficult for them to get value from the session.

When is the best time to train?

You may not get a choice in this but if you do, pick a time when the learners are going to be fresh and open ie. Not on a Friday afternoon or just before lunch.

Where is the best place to train?

It maybe that you choose to train people in a classroom environment if there is a group. It may be better to perform one to one training on the job in the workplace, either at their desks or in the work environment. This can make the training much more practical and hands on.

What do they need to know?

The operative word here is ‘need’. It’s easy to fill training sessions with lots of information but ask yourself what do the learners really need to know in order for the training to be successful. Decide what kind of material you can use to support the training eg. slides, handouts, information reports. How much practice do they need? How are you going to ensure the information is easy to follow and memorable?

By asking yourself these fundamental questions, you can set yourself and the learners up for success.

For more information about how to get the best from your training, contact Jill at JEM Training on 1300 850 959

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JEM Management Training

JEM Management Training designs and delivers flexible, in-house management training courses to help  organisations in Perth engage their staff fully in the workplace.

As time is often limited, JEM Training offers flexible half-day management training courses which focus on a specific area of management expertise. These short courses build upon each other over a period of time, chosen by you, to provide ongoing management development.

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