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 Staff engagement in a tough economic climate

0rangesSince the mining downturn, WA has been struggling. Staff engagement has suffered because staff are constantly aware that they may form part of the next round of redundancies, so many workplaces are filled with stressed out, anxious and negative vibes. Many of our workers are so concerned with building empires and second guessing management that they are nowhere near as engaged or productive as they could be. What’s the answer?

I’ve just been lucky enough to attend and become an accredited ORANGESTM facilitator and was blown away by the potential for this program – particularly in WA. ORANGESTM is an employee wellness program that provides measurable outcomes to improve the overall performance and wellbeing of your people, teams and business. I want to share the philosophy with you.

ORANGESTM was created by Camp Quality – a national Charity that supports children (birth to 13 years) and families affected by cancer. You can imagine the toll that being in that environment took on its staff. But how does that relate to mining companies, government organisations or professional services organisations?

ORANGESTM was developed over a decade with continuous updates based on extensive academic research from the world’s leading universities (Harvard, Stanford, Pennsylvania, Melbourne, UCLA, Oxford) and highly regarded researchers such as Dr Martin Seligman, Dr Alex Linley, Prof Chris Peterson and Prof Barbara Fredrickson. It was implemented at Camp Quality and the results were so overwhelmingly positive that it has now been developed into a practical program suitable for all organisations. 

Based on the science and practices of positive psychology, the unique staff engagement tools offered, help people (and therefore their organisations) be more resilient, optimistic, productive, efficient and happier.

Let’s see the evidence in business metrics taken directly from Camp Quality.

Oranges 1

Do you want to inspire staff engagement in your organisation ?

Here is the ORANGES philosophy in a nutshell. By understanding and implementing the key concepts you can do just that!

O stands for Optimism – People with an optimistic outlook identify solutions, possibilities and opportunities. Optimism matters because it enables us to think differently, keep things in perspective, see obstacles as something that can be overcome whilst gaining skills in order to support the achievement of our goals. 0ranges

R stands for Resilience – Resilience is the capacity to withstand and adapt to the challenges that life throws at us. Resilient people and businesses fulfil their potential and see challenges as opportunities for growth and renewal. They bounce back and face challenges head on.0ranges

A stands for Attitude – Attitude is a choice and it profoundly influences our approach to work, our job and the people we work with. Adopting a growth mindset enables you to make constructive choices that reinforce a positive attitude.0ranges

N stands for Now – Being conscious, engaged and focused has a positive impact on the quality and efficiency of the work we do. Our concentration span increases, we achieve more goals, we are less likely to be distracted and we make fewer mistakes.0ranges

G stands for Gratitude – Research shows that people go the extra mile, perform better and support the business and its stakeholders when their efforts are appreciated. Gratitude  is a key factor in delivering personal and business growth.0ranges

E stands for Energy – High energy levels are linked to stronger goal setting, innovation, concentration, creativity and mental capacity to make quicker decisions. Maintaining our energy levels directly influences our resilience and productivity.0ranges

S stands for Strengths – Strengths are traits that come naturally to us and allow us to perform at our best. They are hardwired within our DNA and when used properly allow individuals and teams to flourish.  Research shows that people who identify and use their strengths on a regular basis are less stressed, more resilient and are more engaged with the teams that they work with.

So how do we inspire staff engagement in a tough economic climate? By being aware of and utilising some of the concepts and philosophy captured in ORANGES.

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