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Understanding personality clashes

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Personality clashes can cause conflict, emotional outbursts and strained relationships.

Ever heard these complaints?

“He’s just so sloppy, he doesn’t pay attention to detail and then I have to pick up the pieces”

“She’s so demanding and just expects me to drop what I’m doing to help her”

“They take so long to get to the point”

Why do these personality clashes happen? Our personalities provide a fundamental platform for how we view and exist in the world. We have preferences for the way we communicate, make decisions and interact with others. If we don’t share the same preferences, instead of valuing the differences between us, sometimes we clash. This is often because we battle to understand why the other person is operating the way they are.

The InsightsTM Discovery model, based on the psychology of Carl Jung, uses colour energies to provide a clearer understanding of personality and highlight the differences between us.

We are all a blend of the four basic colour energies; red, blue, green and yellow. It is the combination of these energies that give us our unique personality, all of which are equally valuable.

Let’s take a look at the 4 basic styles.

The most likely personality clashes happen between styles that are opposite ie. Green and red and Blue and yellow, although not exclusively. This is because they share no commonality of preference, they are different in every way. We need to learn to appreciate and value these differences.

Those with a lot of fiery red energy

Their value

Appreciate that

They are proactive, get things done and lead the way

They can be direct, challenging and impatient


Those with a lot of sunshine yellow energy

Their value

Appreciate that

They are positive, enthusiastic and sociable

They can be disorganised, loud and miss the finer details


Those with a lot of earth green energy

Their value

Appreciate that

They are patient, loyal and want to help others

They can be stubborn, passive and dislike change


Those with a lot of cool blue energy

Their value

Appreciate that 

They are precise, logical and organised

They can be aloof, pedantic and negative


The InsightsTM Discovery model highlights 72 different personality styles and goes into much greater depth about strengths and limitations etc of each style. You can complete an InsightsTM personal evaluator to find out more about yourself through JEM Training.

Learning about personality styles can help us understand priorities, strengths, motivators, fears and limitations and how other people may differ from us. This understanding can help avoid personality clashes.

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